Ergüneş Group, which has been taking firm steps forward in the sector since 1983, has incorporated ASTEL ZIMBA SANAYİ, which was established in 1997, as a partner in the last quarter of 2021.

The company has become one of the leading companies in the sector by producing products for furniture, mattresses, bases and other sectors such as 80 Series - 92 Series - 100 Series Staple Wire, Gas Alternative Argon Welding Wire, J Series Headless Nails in its metal facilities. The company, which gained a new identity with the Group, concentrated on R&D studies in line with its growing volume; By taking on a new corporate identity, it has been continuing its production with Star Staple and Vix Staples brands since 2021.

Astel Zımba Sanayi, which holds all registration and trademark rights, continues to be one of the leading manufacturers of the sector with its innovative ideas and traditional management approach, like every company within the ERGUNES GROUP.
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