Ergüneş Group, which has been taking firm steps forward in the sector since 1983, has decided to step into the chemical sector in accordance with its innovative production style. Ergüneş Group, which carries out intensive R&D studies in order to make a production that adapts to the sector and the technology of the time, launched Mavera Kimya Limited Company in 2011. Continuing to work with its team of more than 25 years of experience, Mavera Kimya provides services to companies from many different sectors, from furniture to automotive, from packaging to textile, with various adhesives and chemical products. In addition to standard production formulations, the company addresses customer problems. has adopted the principle of solution-oriented production.

The company, which exports its products not only to the country but also to many countries of the world with the Macrofix brand, has grown rapidly in a short time and has become one of the few adhesive manufacturers. Continuing to serve with a principled and quality production approach, Mavera Kimya is expanding its field of activity day by day with its quality products and state-of-the-art production network.
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