Ergüneş Group, together with its employees, aims to develop healthily and to offer products and services of universal quality and standards. It aims to be a symbol of continuity and respectability for its country, customers and business partners.
In this regard, our principles are listed as follows:
Our customers are our benefactor.
Our first priority is to add value to our customers and to meet their expectations with quality and stability.
It is our duty to protect our products and to be with our customers after sales.

Our most important capital is our human resources.
The quality of our products and services begins with the quality of our employees. To attract and employ the best personnel and adult manpower to our Group, to benefit from the talents and strength of our people; Increasing their productivity, enabling them to develop and providing a working environment where cooperation and solidarity flourish is the way we have chosen to ensure the continuity of the Ergüneş family for generations.

Our aim is to produce resources for continuous improvement.
To make the necessary investments in order to ensure the continuity of the service; to provide the shareholders with the rightful profit of the capital in order to encourage the merger of small and large savings; It is one of our main principles to provide resources from our activities in order to help our employees and the society's economic and social development, and to ensure the rational use of all resources and not to compromise on extravagance.

It is our motto to comply with superior business ethics and honest working principles.
It is our principle to act in good faith and understanding in all our relationships, in order to provide fair and mutual benefit, and to always comply with the laws and moral rules.
Fulfilling our responsibilities towards today's people and future generations is another fundamental principle of which we are pioneers and which we cannot give up.
It is our duty to act with environmental protection awareness and to spread this awareness for Turkey and the world.

We aim to add strength to the Turkish economy, from which we derive our strength.
"I would like to express the main principle of our community in these words:
My Constitution is this: As long as my state and country exist, so do I. If democracy exists, we all exist.
We must do our best to strengthen the economy of our country. As our economy gets stronger, democracy becomes better established and our reputation in the world increases."

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